Banking kit

Plug and play digital banking platform & widgets

SMB Banking suite Multi-currency Payouts Corporate cards

Deposit Accounts

Bank accounts and Bank transfer services for your digital bank or embedded banking use case.

Debit and Credit Cards

Virtual or physical cards; decide the one that best suits your business and have them ready to use once you launch.

Increase your revenue

Maximize income with the cutting edge banking technology offered by Deposits.

use cases

What can you build with Banking Kit?

With our plug-and-play digital banking kits, you can quickly launch your highly secure and feature-rich banking services.


Online Banking

Give your users access to banking services, and handle accounts and transactions digitally.

Retail Fintech

Digital Account Opening

Enable online account creation for your users to simplify things for them.

Embedded Banking

Wire/ACH Transactions

Make ACH and digital wire transfers accessible to your users.

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Frequently asked questions

Banking-as-a-service. Digital Banking platform designed for small businesses, with corporate spend card, control, and role-based access for teams. Turn-key and ready to deploy with your brand, your sponsor bank, or our partner banks

We partner with regulated and insured financial institutions to enable you to offer accounts. You can also bring your institution and plugin to the back office.

Yes, commercial and consumer debit cards are available through the platform for your users.

This use of banking is limited to businesses resident in the United States of America. But this doesn't limit FX transactions on the platform.

Your brand is responsible for KYB, and we recommend you make use of the Deposits Kysync service, which is a robust turn-key KYC/KYB API, SDK, and back-office

Open accounts, issue cards, and make money move

With our plug-and-play digital banking kits, you can quickly launch your highly secure and feature-rich banking services.

Revenue Calculator

Embedded banking can have a direct impact on your company's revenue.
See how much you can make by offering financial services.

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The number of consumers you are serving?

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The number of gig workers you are serving?

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The number of businesses you are serving?

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Take secure payments from customers, clients, and more.

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