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Enable sellers on your platform.

Merchant Aggregation Headless Commerce Marketplace

Shoppable content

Embed products within content or provide complete shopping features within existing communities and platforms.

Increase revenue

Monetize existing audience with our plug-and-play marketplace, hosted digital stores, and product catalogs

Secure checkout

Allow shoppers checkout with card, bank, or digital wallets within your platform.

use cases

What can you build with Merchant Kit?

Add shopping and checkout experiences to any digital property, including payment processing, one-click payments, a merchant dashboard, and a wallet for store credits or earnings.

One-Click Payment

Use deposits to make payments easier for your customers.

Creator Economy

Help creators earn more online and engage better with their fans or followers.


Integrate beautiful, customized, and user-friendly e-commerce experiences for your users.

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Frequently asked questions

As a merchant aggregator, offering one-click-payment as a service to your merchants and providing each merchant with a custom dashboard for their respective transactions is possible. To enable this, you will implement

We have made it easy to integrate checkout and one-click-payment into your systems. How long it takes depends on the developer in question, but our support would be on ground to make it as fast as possible.

No, you don't need a large implementation team. The deposits e-commerce SDK is available in low-code ( for mobile app and web implementation ). Accelerating your time-to-market and reducing technical debt

Technically everything. From the brand colors on the interface to the back office and notification emails for your merchants and their customers, you have the infrastructure and tools to lead with your brand.

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With our plug and play digital banking kits, you can quickly launch your own highly secure and feature-rich banking services.

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