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Solve consumer money needs with modern money stack

Mobile Wallets Card Issuing P2P Payments
Card Programs

Card Programs

Easily create and manage virtual and physical cards. Everything you need to create a card program that suites your model

Advanced features

Advanced features

Full-featured digital wallet with support for P2P Transfers, Bill & Merchant Payments, Push to Debit, and Multi-currency wallet use cases.

Payment Acceptance

Payment Acceptance

Build and scale a flexible card program that delivers reliable money experiences for your users - however they choose to pay

use cases

What can you build with Money Kit?

With our Money Kit, we provide your financial world with a straightforward, quick, and easy solution.

Credit Building Program

Credit Building Program

Increase your credit score by making payments on a loan that is tailored to your needs.

Automatic Savings

Automatic Savings

Make the decision to save every time you spend, even just one cent. Choose an amount to lock down for each payment you receive to increase your savings.

Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage Access

Do not let receiving your transfers take days. With our EWA feature, your funds arrives in your account the same day the transfer was done.

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Frequently asked questions

Money kit offers a templated, customizable "Digital bank -in-a-box" that enables companies to introduce consumer financial services in under 90 days.

Money is not a bank. However, banking services are provided by our partner banks or yours.

Money offers both virtual and physical debit cards.

Bring your bank partnership or launch with our partner bank.

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Embedded banking can have a direct impact on your company's revenue.
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